IDEAtion Workshops, creative days, process support

Idea generation workshops serve to accelerate innovation processes and to steer them in a safe direction. The special format of the so-called ‚IDEAtion Workshop' makes it possible to bring previously unthought-of ideas to the surface. The potential of the participants is fully utilised and leveraged. This opens up new possibilities to bring forward reorientation and change processes for people and companies quickly and clearly. Changes can affect a project, a company, a start-up and our private lives. Idea-finding workshops are a helper for quick and safe orientation - like a compass in rough terrain.

At the beginning there is the target image of your vision: This is what your company, your self-employment, your life should look like. This goal-setting process is important to gain clarity and to synchronise mind and heart.

Then it's about the 'how'. First, ideas are collected - freely, creatively and without 'ifs and buts'. Helpful facilitation methods use the potential of the participants and help to find what we are looking for in our creative brain areas. From the collected richness of new ideas and impulses, the most suitable ones are selected in the next step to achieve your vision. Experts from marketing, PR, social media and human resources development are available to plan the next steps and implement your vision. Milestones are set ... and the journey into the new future can begin!